Rich Roll Mental Health Masterclass

Rich Roll has played a substantial role in my transformative journey over the last few years. I found Rich just as I decided to go switch to a plant-based diet and go further, running ultramarathons – his “Discovering Ultra” was a pivotal book for me. Across hundreds of hours of the most intelligent podcast conversation […]

Hold him

It’s tough enough that @bukayosaka87 @marcusrashford and @sanchooo10 bravely stepped up as young lions where angels would fear to tread, for love of the game, the shirt, and the country, only to miss the target or have their penalties saved. Then to face a torrent of racist abuse we shouldn’t have to protect them from, […]

I changed my mind

TW// Suicide This is what my depression looked like. It bound me, throttled me, crippled me. Sometimes, I couldn’t move. When I could, I was drugged with so many beater blockers, I had to be chaperoned because I couldn’t react fast enough to environmental dangers like crossing roads. The darkest days were those when my […]

Reach for a milestone

Two weeks ago, I broke through another set of milestones on my way to the start line of the Run the County Ultra Challenge. I went passed the 58km target of my longest run and completed the 100km South Downs Way Ultra @ukultraltd. It is the furthest I have ever run in a day. When […]