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I am delighted, honoured and humbled to be backed by some fantastic brands that share my desire to spread hope and raise awareness for positive mental health. From underpants to porridge, I am eternally grateful.


Runderwear is the original performance underwear. As the product range expands, Runderwear’s dedicated ethos remains focused on creating chafe-free comfort for runners.

“Runderwear is delighted to be supporting Matt on his incredible challenge of running 21 consecutive ultras across the country. Mental health has always been close to the team’s heart, so when we were given the opportunity to support Matt while he raises money for CALM it was a no brainer for us!”

Matt says

“I discovered Runderwear at a marathon expo and have been running in them ever since – for every single run. Asking them to help was an obvious thing to do. When you run as far as I do, comfort is paramount and the product they make is exceptionally good. It also helps that the team at Runderwear are so friendly and supportive – no pun intended –  and I look forward to running the Poole to Beaulieu Ultra with them, with me in their pants of course!”


ROAR Porridge™ is a wholefood, nutrient-rich, instant porridge. It is simply 50% freshly ground organic seeds & nuts – the rest is freshly-ground organic wholegrain oats and bran fibre.

“We’re proud to be fuelling Matt with Roar each morning of his incredible journey. Our sustainably-produced, seed-powered porridge is good for his gut and his mind; delivering a big impact on his performance, but not on the planet.”

Matt says

“My day starts here, now in training and on every ultra. Fuelling with high quality nutrition is critical and so is convenience so I love that both come in the bag. It also has a taste that reminds me a little of my childhood cereal, the one which gave you a warm glow. This porridge is warmer because I know that it’s made with love, considerate of the planet I love, by people I love.”


Auxiliary Works is an independent company that believes we all do better from time spent outdoors, but that what’s good for us personally also needs to be good for the planet.

“Auxiliary are proud to support Matt on his Run The Country Ultra. Mental health and suicide prevention is a subject close to our hearts, and if we can help Matt in his mission to raise awareness and support CALM along the way then it’s a perfect fit for us”..”

Matt says

“Auxiliary make on-point kit for runners and I love both the design and integrity in sustainable production. My noggins has been protected from the bitter sea and Downs winds by Auxiliary’s beanie throughout the winter training months and their trucker cap is my go-to when I’m driving to and from training runs. I’m delighted to have them support what we are doing, raising awareness with their fans and followers.”


We choose nutritious and delicious, convenient and wholesome, economically sustainable and socially impactful. From the snacks we make, to the way we work, live and give back, our goal is to make KIND® not just a brand but also a state of mind and a community that works together to build a kinder world.

And more lovely brands to come...

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