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on hope

“Hope thrives when people come together, stories are shared and conversations are had. So this is why RTCU is connecting people around a conversation about positive mental health and suicide prevention. When we shine a light on the subject of depression, de-stigmatise it and actively support people to find a path through it, lives are saved. The statistics about male suicide rates in the UK are tragic; 18 people take their lives every day and 75% of those are men. If my run can help one person back from the edge, it will serve its purpose.”

— Matt Bagwell
on why

“Why am I doing this challenge? I’ve been there. I’ve literally stepped onto the edge, more than once. At the last minute, for love, for family, for a tiny glimmer of hope, I chose a different path. I wrote a different story. Now I want to share hope, because I know there are so many others across the country who are facing that same darkness. I want my journey to bring people together, make new connections between communities. I want to raise awareness and funding for the professionals who save lives, every single day. When one life is saved, one person on the end of the phone paid for, then every step, every kilometre, every ultra, they’ll all be worthwhile.”

— Matt Bagwell
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