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£45,006 raised. that's 5,625 calls funded

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What is THE Run The Country Ultra?

The Run the Country Ultra is an extreme multistage running challenge, an example of what’s possible when you choose to stay, to live, to endure.

RTCU is a story about changing minds and saving lives.

After 20 Ultra Marathons, this virtual 10km run marks the final day of the Run the Country Ultra!

On October 1st, after 20 ultras and 1000km, Matt will run from Windsor to London to cross the finish line of the Run The Country Ultra and he would love you to join him, virtually.

On the way, he, and everyone who gets involved, will celebrate what is possible when someone changes their mind, using running to recover from depression and maintain positive mental wellness. And when crisis happens, the run will generate greater awareness for critical resources people can depend on and fund their availability, through the CAMPAIGN AGAINST LIVING MISERABLY.

This run will raise even more money to fuel the live-saving helplines, staffed by professionals at CALM.

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